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We currently offer Italian, Spanish and Arabic interpreting available in the UK and abroad. Industries we work with include general business, fashion, textiles and medical. The types of interpreting we offer include simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting services.

Waving in Headphones

Simultaneous Interpreting

 Immediate translation using headphones in soundproof booths.


Consecutive Interpreting

Non-immediate translation, every few minutes the speaker stops to allow the interpreter to convey the message in the target language.

Reviewing Construction Plans

Liaison Interpreting

Ideal for technical or business meetings providing language translation throughout the event.

We kindly ask our clients to provide reference material for our interpreters to prepare for the job and familiarise with a specific product or subject. Please contact us for more information on simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting services in the East Midlands covering Leicester, Nottingham and Derby as well as the rest of the UK and beyond.

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